A fun, light-hearted pub-crawl/robot apocalypse combo. Happened to stumble across it, noticed it's score of 81 on Metacritic, and thought I'd give it a watch. If you like British comedic style, this one's for you. Nothing deep or thought-provoking, but worth the watch.

The World's End

Mr. Robot looks like it could be a great show. Episode 1 introduced the main character, Elliot, a socially-isolated nerd who struggles with how society is controlled by corporations. One of the cool things about Elliot's character is that he's not socially isolated because he's a nerd, rather, it's because he prefers that — or at least it seems that way. The videography does a good job of showing enough of computer screens for one to see that it's legitimate, current technology, and so that people who actually understand what's going on know that it's accurate information and not just made up. 

John C. Dvorak, columnist and co-host of No Agenda, called it, "[T]he best portrayal of a hacker I've ever seen", and I am inclined to agree with him.

The full pilot episode is available online, and the show will start on USA Networks later this month. (Hopefully those suits don't mess it up.)

Oh, it also has great episode titles.

Last night, finally, I started a new project: learning how to make ginger beer. When we were in South Africa, I tried and drank it a lot. I also learned the fun, Swahili name: tangawizi. I had tried ginger beer a few times at Jamaican restaurants before, but it wasn't the same. In South Africa, I probably tried 10 different kinds, all but one being home-made and sold at markets. (The other one was Stoney, a version made by Coca-Cola by just adding flavour to carbonated water.) I started my first batch yesterday, and if all goes well, I'll have freshly-made ginger beer for myself in a week or so. Let's see how it goes!