Baie Dankie, South Africa -

Baie Dankie, South Africa -


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Published: 02 December 2014

Last Updated: 21 August 2018

Well, that’s it for our time in South Africa. We had originally planned to go to Zambia in December to do some volunteer work at Koti Ni Eden, another of FCE’s bases, but they advised us against it, mainly due to the higher-than-usual risk of malaria and the fact that our daughter would be highly susceptible to it. So, instead of spending Christmas in Africa and New Years in Europe, we’ve bumped up our schedule to spend two weeks with my relatives in Nederland and be back in Canada in time for Christmas. We both learned a lot in our six-week course. Being a condensed version of FCE’s three-month course, it feels hard to process everything we’ve learned, but I have a binder full of notes that I plan on going over again to be sure I haven’t missed anything. Now we’re in Holland, and next week we’ll go “home” to Canada and the search for work.