Pre-dystopian, Post-apocalyptic Fiction -

Pre-dystopian, Post-apocalyptic Fiction -


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Published: 06 May 2016

Last Updated: 21 August 2018

I’m a subscriber of Untitled, a mailing list where, every day, one of the ~22,000 subscribers is randomly chosen to share something. Last week, I was given this chance. I didn’t have much to say (you can read what I wrote here), but I took the opportunity to ask the audience for book/media recommendations.

I’ve read a lot of end-of-world, apocalyptic stories, and I enjoy them, but I’ve always wanted to know, “What happened next?” as very few of the tales I read actually ended up with everyone dying.

In high school, one of my favourite genres was dystopian fiction, as it answered a lot of those what-happen-next questions, but ever since I read my first one (Brave New World), I wanted an origin story. I wanted to know how they got from “our world” to the end of the world, and then to thought crime and telescreens.

So, I asked The Listserve members for suggestions. What follows is their recommendations, sorted by how many times each was suggested. I think I’ve listed each suggestion that I received, but I got a lot of them!




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