Recommended TV Shows -

Recommended TV Shows -


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Published: 22 October 2015

Last Updated: 19 April 2022

I’m frequently asked for TV series recommendations, and I frequently ask for recommendations myself, so I thought it’d make life simpler if I just listed my favourites here.

The IT Crowd

Here’s a fun British comedy which accurately describes the terrors and triumphs of the corporate IT department, and on a wider spectrum, geekdom as a whole. Don’t worry, it’s written in a way that doesn’t alienate non-nerd too much (to the point where my wife even enjoyed it).


A modern retelling of the tales of Sherlock Holmes, with various stories and plot points based on the original writings by Doyle. Produced by the BBC, and one of the most popular drama shows in the UK

Mr Robot

A great show about modern society as seen through the eyes of a highly proficient computer hacker. (Untitled) It’s had some interesting moments where the show seemed to predict real-world events, and as a consequence, the final episode of the first season was aired a week later than planned.

Orphan Black

What starts out as a story of a woman taking another woman’s identity turns in to a crazy, messed up story of cloning and the ethical dilemmas behind it. The lead actor, a Canadian, is absolutely amazing in the many different roles she plays. Filmed on Canadian soil, eh.


A great show about a government worker uncovering the manipulation of the truth that is going on right under his nose. Cancelled after one season, inexplicably.


An interesting concept of the future-sci-fi-set-in-our-universe story, told in a way that attracts many non-sci-fi fans. Another show cancelled after it’s first season, but they did make a follow-up movie afterwards, which is also worth the watch.

Silicon Valley

Kind of like IT Crowd, but more nerdy and more vulgar. Follows the story of a Silicon Valley startup.

South Park

Despite the crass humour and general rudeness, this show is a very apt commentary on modern society and how ridiculous it is. To quote Untitled, “South Park is on the cutting edge of mockery”.


A fictional behind-the-scenes look at how “reality” shows work. See my post on it Untitled.

Father Brown

Inspired by Chesterton’s short stories, but a totally different product than the written version, these are fairly independent episodes about a priest in England with a knack for solving mysteries, and a town with way too many murders per capita.


A modern take on Sherlock Holmes, playing off his dabbling with drugs and set in NYC.

People of Earth

A skeptical journalist decides to investigate a support group for those who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens.

Here’s several others that I haven’t yet properly added to the above list.