Why the Church Needs to Spend More on It's Brand - Levisan.me

Why the Church Needs to Spend More on It’s Brand - Levisan.me


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Published: 17 December 2016

Last Updated: 21 August 2018

First, I should say: by “spend”, I mean spending of all three core resources: time, energy, and money.

While this video is specifically directed at the Catholic Church, it’s relevant to all Christian churches in my opinion. Because of Western society’s focus on always picking the cheapest option, we’ve got to the point where church websites and branding are frequently done by unprofessional volunteers. Sure, this can keep the costs down at a new church, and sometimes the volunteers are actually skilled in the relevant areas, but that isn’t frequently the case.

If you’re involved with planning at your church, and especially if you have some say in the budget, get people to watch this video. Remember, you’re trying to share God’s offer of salvation, eternal life, and an everlasting relationship with him. Don’t you think your website, branding, and overall impression people get reflect that, and not look like it was done by an amateur?