Is “Brass and Bass” Music a Thing

I was recently talking with my friend and fellow web-dev, Ryan about music. He’s got a thing for drum and bass music, and I have a thing for brass-band jazz and its variants. He had come across a song that seemed to fit both of our interests.

Later, he discovered (and I rediscovered) Too Many Zooz.

This led Ryan to write a blog post where he used the term “brass and bass” to describe the style, and since reading that, I’ve been realising that, because of my lack of listening experience with electronic music, I didn’t realise that I knew of several other examples.

MEUTE, from Germany, describes themselves as a “techno marching band”, which seems rather accurate.

Lucky Chops includes the bari saxophonist from Too Many Zoos.

Ryan also pointed out that at Tomorrowland 2019, one of the DJs had a trumpeter and a saxophonist appear multiple times in their set.

Finally, my brother introduced me to JPATTERSSON, yet another German, who seems to have an appreciation of live brass bands but also do more of a dance-focused style in his festival sets.

So now I’m on the search for more great brass bands playing music that would appeal to the electronica crowd.