Recommended iOS Apps

My brother asked for a list of good iOS apps, since he was going to get an iPhone.

  • Pocket is a great way to save things for reading later, even if offline.
  • Overcast might not be a Podcasting 2.0 app yet, but it wins for ease-of-use.
  • YouVersion's Bible app is one of the most popular, and a great choice.
  • When playing games in meatspace, I use Scorekeeper XL to keep track of scores.
  • My Data Manager is a great way to make sure you don't use all your data.
  • RunPee for those times you get an XL drink at the cinema.
  • ReallyBadChess is one of the few games I still play on my phone.
  • I use Bitwarden to sync my passwords from my desktop.
  • HelloWeather is my favourite weather app.
  • Terminus for SSH

That's it for now. I'll add more if I feel the need.