Why You Should Listen to No Agenda

If we've talked in person, I've probably mentioned the No Agenda Show. With it's unique blend of humour, news, food and media recommendations, and political commentary, all packaged up in one of the best forms of media, it really is the perfect show. 
Every episode is different, but the average week of two 2.5-3 hour episodes might contain:

  • A summary of the last few days' global events, including terrorist attacks, political news, legislation analysis, and other events probably glossed over by the media who were distracted by celebrities.
  • Something food-related. Maybe a wine recommendation, maybe a recipe, or maybe a restaurant review.
  • Some tech news. Not the "tech news" that you'll find in other shows, like which new phone is best, but real news like security flaws, privacy suggestions, and other non-exciting but important information.
  • There's always a good moment of quality humour: a good joke, a funny mistake, or entertaining analysis of a flub made by a public figure.
  • They don't talk about sports much, but when they do, they often make interesting predictions based on non-sports-related factors (especially in the case of the World Cup).
  • Interesting tidbits and stories about the music industry, and the way modern entertainment works in general.
  • Honest discussions about conspiracy theories. Not the usual kind of conspiracy talk, where they are brushed off as ridiculous or silly, but real analysis from the perspective of if the conspiracy was real.
  • TV show, book, and film suggestions.
    And here's why you should listen to it:
  • Everyone should know what's going on in the world.
  • You should get your news from a non-biased source (adverts create bias, if you didn't already know that).
  • The amount of real humour helps offset the seriousness of how messed up the world is.
    If any combination of these reasons sounds interesting, I'd suggest you give No Agenda a try! Head over to NoAgendaShow.net or search for No Agenda in your podcast player of choice.