Inspired by Dustin Curtis, I've started writing out a bucket list. Some of the items are ones that I already completed, but would have been on the list, had I made it earlier.

  1. Visit every continent
    • North America 1991
    • South America
    • Europe 1993
    • Asia
    • Africa 2014
    • Antartica
    • Oceania
  2. Fly an airplane 2003
  3. Spend 24 hours without setting foot on solid ground 2006
  4. Become proficient in at least one instrument (2007), again
  5. Achieve 20 hours of non-drowsy wakefulness per day via polyphasic sleep 2009, maintained for 6 weeks
  6. Visit London 2009
  7. Read the Bible, cover to cover First done in 2010
  8. Be a shareholder of a company 2013
  9. Have something about me individually in a form of mass media 2013
  10. Skydive 2013
  11. Own gold 2014
  12. Create something that matures to full independence from myself (by some scales, 18% complete)
  13. Achieve something that allows me to be remembered more than 5 generations and 100 years past my death
  14. Write both the music and the lyrics to a song
  15. Go to space
  16. Become and maintain a state of being debt-free
  17. Create something that's seen/touched/interacted with by a million people
  18. Do not take any artificial drugs for a year
  19. Buy a round of drinks for an entire bar
  20. Visit Paris
  21. Visit Israel
  22. Visit the Vatican
  23. Take a year off to spend with family
  24. Fly in a lighter-than-air craft
  25. Brew my own beer
  26. Brew my own wine
  27. Brew and maintain a kombucha culture for a year Started in December 2015 and still going
  28. Donate the majority of a year's resources (income+time) to charity
  29. Be married for the majority of my life (15% completed)
  30. Swim in the major oceans
    • Pacific
    • Atlantic
    • Indian 2014
    • Arctic
  31. Climb a "real" mountain
  32. Witness something that is a myth or unprovable by science
  33. Live to an above-average (based on life expectancy at birth) age
  34. Successfully win a lawsuit
  35. Own property
  36. Be a majority shareholder of a company
  37. Become a knight (7% completed, by some scales)
  38. Own a functioning firearm
  39. Travel across the Pacific or Atlantic ocean by boat
  40. Travel faster than 200 km/h in a land-based vehicle
  41. Live off the grid for an extended period of time
  42. Eat a well-balanced diet of food solely produced by myself or people I am on a first-name basis with for an extended period of time
  43. Design my own home
  44. Live to see my grandchildren
  45. Spend 24 hours above the surface of the earth
  46. Meet a head of state
  47. Own something worth 100 times it's purchase price or original value (current best: 20x)
  48. Observe a day with no sunset
  49. Observe a day with no sunrise
  50. Meet the Pope
  51. Obtain a lucid state of dreaming on a regular basis
  52. Tip a waiter 100%
  53. Run in an official government election
  54. Become a licensed ham radio operator
  55. Make my own cheese