We arrived in Cape Town last night, and tomorrow we'll be heading up to Wolseley. (The flights went flawlessly, Zelena was amazing, and nothing got lost!) To me, at least, the culture here feels like an interesting mix of traditional/local, Dutch, and British. Here's a few observations so far:

  • Looking up at a night sky and not recognizing a single constellation, except for the ones over the equator, is very strange.
  • Tea seems to be offered before coffee — unless they know you’re Canadian, and therefore love “Tim Herton’s” — and they have lots of rooibos tea variation.
  • In overheard conversations, I keep picking up parts of sentences that I understand as Dutch, and it’s very strange. I plan to hide my limited knowledge of the language until the best possible time, for humour’s sake.
  • Traffic and the roads remind me a lot like European methods. Same types and styles of cars too, just lots of utes as well.

Tomorrow we head up to Wolseley and meet the rest of our classmates and the staff.