We arrived in Cape Town last night, and tomorrow we'll be heading up to Wolseley. (The flights went flawlessly, Zelena was amazing, and nothing got lost!) To me, at least, the culture here feels like an interesting mix of traditional/local, Dutch, and British. Here's a few observations so far:

  • Looking up at a night sky and not recognizing a single constellation, except for the ones over the equator, is very strange.

This past month has been a major whirlwind. Five weeks ago, I was laid off from my web design job, due to shortage of work. While working for a friend and learning how to do stucco, my parent's called and said they had an urgent thing to discuss.

"We want to send your family on a missions trip to Africa."

My brother asked for a list of good iOS apps, since he was going to get an iPhone. So, Tyson, here's a few:

  • Pocket is a great way to save things for reading later, even if offline.
  • Overcast is the new podcast app on the block, and it's my favourite.
  • YouVersion's Bible app is one of the most popular, and a great choice.

Friends who've asked me what cold-brew is, how to make it, or if it's easy: this is for you.

I first learned about cold-brewed coffee from author Cory Doctorow's book, Homeland. Simply put, it's coffee that is made the same way one makes cold-brewed iced tea (by leaving the leaves in cold water for a long period of time, rather than in hot water for a short period of time). As Cory puts it, it's "cheap, easy, no-mess", and "the best cup of coffee you're likely to drink this summer".

I've noticed that lots of sites that are otherwise responsive don't have responsive videos. Here's what you can do to make your site have video embeds that are always the width of the container.

Say what you want about the Heartbleed bug, but it boils down to this: you need strong, memorable, unique passwords for everything. Many have been taught that the best passwords are the kind that look like a string of random characters, but who can memorize that? My friend Alex brings a solution to the table.

Alex's password generator starts simple: it combines a random adjective with a random type of animal. Then, depending on how you've set the difficulty slider, it will replace one or more characters with symbols, resulting in a secure password that doesn't take much effort to memorize.