I recently switched mine and my wife's phones from Koodo to Public Mobile. Public Mobile is owned by Telus, and operates off of their towers. (This means that if your phone is locked to Telus or Koodo, you're good to go!) You'll have coverage anywhere Telus operates. Their big marketing push is that they don't sell phones. You can buy a phone from the manufacturer, a friend, or another used phone buyer/seller. Or bring one you already have.

This is the plan that both of us are now using:
$111 every 90 days (averages to $38/month)
Unlimited province-wide calling
Unlimited global texting
3 GB data

The only thing is if you hit your data limit, you just don't have any data. Instead of an overage fee, you just have to buy more (250MB for $10 or 500MB for $15). Some might not like this, but I think it's a good thing.

Province-wide calling means calling to any number in the province you're currently in, and receiving calls while you're in your home province. To receive calls while you're outside of your home province, you have to buy long distance credits ($8 for 200 mins and $15 for 400 mins). It's ~$5 more per month for Canada-wide calling, which means the $15 for 400 minutes is cheaper as long as you spend less than ~135 minutes per month on out-of-province calls.

Everything is paid beforehand, so there's no credit check. If you set up auto-billing, you get a credit of $2 every 30 days.

They also give you $1 credit to your account every 30 days for each year you're with them, and $2 credit for every 30 days that you have automatic payments set up. You also get $1 off each month for each friend you refer to them as long as their account is active.

If you sign up and put in the phone number of someone already on the service as a referral, they get $1 every month that your account is active. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Until December 16, 2018, we'll both get $25 if you activate an account online and mention my phone number when it asks who told you about them.

In the end, I'm saving about $20/month with two phones and the same service, and now I don't have to deal with annoying marketing trying to get me to buy a new phone!