Sunrise in Edmonton

To contest my sister, who wants me to move back to Metro Vancouver, I've compiled this list of reasons why I'd rather live in Edmonton. (Not how I got here, but why I don't want to leave).

  1. Edmonton has an average of 86 days with rain, but Vancouver's average is 159. I'm not a fan of rain. Also, I couldn't find stats for it, but even though it gets (and stays) cold here, it stays sunny. Vancouver seems to have a lot more days of complete cloud cover. This climate is much nicer for the casual astronomer.
  2. Gas usually costs 25% less in Edmonton than it does in Vancouver.
  3. Average house prices in Edmonton are less than half of Vancouver's, and knowing that I might actually afford a house one day is comforting.
  4. Because we have no provincial sales tax, we just have the national GST of 5% versus BC's total of 12% sales tax.
  5. I have an awesome job