Do you ever watch the news and notice that a certain channel seems to have a political direction, even though we're told that they aren't supposed to have an opinion?

John C. Dvorak, being the media analysis expert that he is, has put together The Leaner Report, an breakdown of the American (and some foreign) national news channels, and which candidates and parties in the 2016 American presidential election they seem to be supporting.

Here's some of my favourites:

Fox News — Seemingly reluctant supporters of Trump. Support varies from host to host with Sean Hannity all-in for Trump to an extreme. This is somewhat odd since he is personal friends with George Bush. The Bush family, led by Matriarch Barbara, dislikes Trump because of his actions during the primaries when Jeb was quickly eliminated.

CNN — Very negative almost abusive anti-Trump bias to point of hate. Very unprofessional in most instances. Don Lemon is the worst offender.

ABC — Initially all-in for Jeb Bush because of the Florida connection between the ex-Florida Governor and major Disney (ABC parent company) interests in Florida. The network can go either way with much negative coverage of Trump by Tom Llamas who has been called out in public by Trump. This is offset with an uneven coverage of Clinton, much of it also negative.

View the most recent version here, which Dvorak plans up update once a month.