The Internet is a marvelous place. What other period in time could someone come up with a totally random product idea that has no minimum viable product, and still make something good and useful, just for kicks?

It being "the holiday season", here's a podcast episode with some backstory on a common feature of our Western culture's festivities: the elf.

Homemade bread

Okay, it's not that secret. But it is one that my Dad came up with after much tinkering with recipes for breadmakers.

This recipe works with most breadmakers, and makes a 2lb loaf (the 1.5lb recipe follows). It works with any mix of whole wheat and white flour, though it's best with slightly more whole wheat than white.

Safeway Canada publishes a one-day, social-media-only deal every Monday. Here's an easy way to get it!

People seem to think that the best way to get noticed on social media is to be active everywhere. It's not.