I started this as a bit of a "reading list", where I wanted to recommend books. Now, it's more than just books.

My brother asked for a list of good iOS apps, since he was going to get an iPhone. So, Tyson, here's a few:

  • Twitter. I still like the official app best.
  • Pocket is a great way to save things for reading later, even if offline.
  • Overcast is the new podcast app on the block, and it's my favourite.
  • YouVersion's Bible app is one of the most popular, and a great choice.

I love podcasts. Here's some — roughly half of what I'm subscribed to — that I'd love to recommend, in alphabetical order.

  • The Allusionist
    A show all about language and etymology. Short and to the point. Very interesting!
  • Answer Me This!
    The host of The Allusionist is joined by two friends who answer all sorts of questions from around the world.
  • Ask Me Another
    An audio recording of a fun, live, puzzle-based game show, with minor celebreties appearing in each episode. Great for playing along with while on a road trip!
  • Dead Pilots Society
    Table-reads of failed comedy TV series pilot episodes.
  • The Graphic Sound
    I need to write a description for this one still.

I'm frequently asked for TV series recommendations, and I frequently ask for recommendations myself, so I thought it'd make life simpler if I just listed my favourites here.

Here they are, in no particular order:

The IT Crowd

Here's a fun British comedy which accurately describes the terrors and triumphs of the corporate IT department, and on a wider spectrum, geekdom as a whole. Don't worry, it's written in a way that doesn't alienate non-nerd too much (to the point where my wife even ejoyed it).

  • Does not require watching sequentially, but does have an ongoing story arc
  • 4 seasons totallying 24 episodes of half an hour each, and one special reunion episode
  • No longer in production
  • Available on Netflix