headshotHello, I'm Levi Breederland.

I'm a web developer & media producer by trade, and I also produce analogue photos, weird drinks, and the odd long-form thing worth sharing here.

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  • Etsy Versus Independent eCommerce

    A contact of mine through Catholic Creatives was asking about the pros and cons of using a service like Etsy versus using a independent eCommerce platform. What follows is a slightly-edited version of the email that I sent her.

  • Soft Drinks are Dumb

    Soft drinks are dumb. There, I said it. Soft drinks – and by that I mean soda, pop, whatever you call the pre-made, bubbly beverages that are a common default at food service providers, parties, and the like, and not all drinks that are “soft” as in not containing alcohol – exist for such a convoluted series of reasons which people tend to be ignorant of, and I think that if society were to be...

  • Can We Not Copyright Hymns?

    A friend tweeted this: Can we not copyright hymns? pic.twitter.com/zeIH0vY9T9 — Katy 'Repentant Sinner' Jean (@katynotie) January 17, 2020 While I agree with her sentiment, just saying that I agree with a one-sentence & gif rant doesn’t share my full thoughts, so here they are. From a secular perspective, it is at least polite for the writers of a piece of music to receive compensation for the use...

  • Why the Moka Pot Is the Best Coffee Maker for the Casual Drinker

    Of those who make and drink coffee in the comfort of their own home, there are three major subsets: Those who just need their caffeine fix and are not all that picky about it. Those who don't mind the combination of time, energy, and money required to make a quality cuppa. Those who want a happy medium of cost and benefit, wanting but not requiring a nice taste and the benefits of caffeine. For the...

  • A Better Version of Apple’s Find My Friends

    Apple’s Find My Friends (now combined with Find My iPhone as a single app called Find My), Snapchat’s location-sharing functionality, and other similar products all have one major issue: they are focused on sharing your exact location either all the time, or at least whenever you are using the app. This presents two problems in my mind.

  • Is “Brass and Bass” Music a Thing?

    I was recently talking with my friend and fellow web-dev, Ryan about music. He’s got a thing for drum and bass music, and I have a thing for brass-band jazz and its variants. He had come across a song that seemed to fit both of our interests.

  • An Introduction to No Agenda

    No Agenda is a great show, but it's biggest downside is the fact that so many of the stories discussed are long and ongoing, making it hard for a first-time listener to jump in. That's why Adam and John did episode 200.5. It was meant to be an introduction to how the show works and all the little peculiarities.

  • Ways People Ruin Their Websites

    People break websites so easily. A very large portion of websites, especially for small businesses and organizations, are managed by people who don't have much experience with the technology or industry standards. Thanks to modern systems like Squarespace, it’s very easy to produce something that’s good enough for most people’s standards, but that also creates the possibility of breaking things. If...

  • 1.8 Million Words

    The opening paragraph of this [broken link! maybe they took it down because it] is so dumb.

  • Advertising

    "Advertising is the very essence of democracy." — Anton Chekhov I came across that quote because of my least-favourite form of marketing: using Twitter to follow individuals, then unfollowing them, hoping that they followed you back. (It's pretty much the equivalent of a pump-and-dump scheme, but that's for another blog post.) Trying to find the source, I also came across a more recent author...