INKS. is my current go-to casual iOS game. It takes the idea of pinball to a very interesting, artistic level.

Born at 05:43 on 29 September, weighing in at 3.4 kilograms, it's the newest member of our family!

​I'm currently torn with how I use Instagram. Of all social platforms I'm on, I have the most friends who see what I have to share, so if I have a life update, it's the place to share it. On the other side, the fact it's owned by, and becoming more and more integrated with, Facebook is worrying.

I stared in to a candle for way to long last night. Isn't interesting how on most properly-made candles, there's a sort of symbiosis between the flame and the wax? The flame never seems to get too large, and the wax doesn't melt so fast that it puts the flame out.

iOS 10 is out and you should install the update.